Crowned By The King is offering a couple of ministry event options for Mother’s and Daughters and Dad and Daughters.

Mother/Daughter In Person Retreat
This is an in-person half-day retreat at the Farmhouse Chapel at Jamestown Ranch in Greenbrier, Arkansas. We will be hosting 3-4 smaller group sessions of 20-30 participants in the fall and winter of 2021.  Dates and the registration process for Fall of 2021 events will be posted soon!!

  • We are planning to host 10-12 Mother/Daughter events in 2022, including some day and half retreats utilizing the accommodations at Jamestown Ranch.
  • The Mother/Daughter ministry kit launching in late 2021 or 2022, so churches and other organizations can host their own Crowned By The King Event at their location.  The kit will kit will include: necklaces, promotional ideas, and a speaker’s guide for the person(s) sharing at the event.

Father/Daughter Event
A Father & Daughter Event Kit – (Some Churches are integrating it into their Daddy/Daughter Ball’s).

  • This event kit includes: necklaces for the event, notes and tips for the dad’s to prepare for the event, speaker notes for the person sharing during the event, and a commitment letter for the Dad’s and Daughters to use as reminder after the event.

For more information on any of these events email –