Get Started

Getting Started

If you are ready to get your “Crowned by The King” necklaces and a “Crowned by the King Ministry” guide, simply click on the link below.

The Crowned By the King Ministry guide will help you get started and learn more about creating your own personal “crowned moments.” It includes some examples on how to give out the necklaces. Remember, a “crowned moment” is simply giving your “Crowned by the King” necklace to someone and watching that moment as you change that person’s life forever by sharing the love of God. As your “Crowned Moments” occur, you can post them on our FaceBook page to encourage other ladies as they participate.

Product Disclaimer: This necklace is made of zinc alloy and is considered imitation jewelry (it is NOT sterling silver). Dis-colorization or tarnishing may occur due to weathering or oils in one’s skin. You may also try putting the crown on your favorite chain, if dis-colorization of the chain does occur. Please remember it is not about the piece of jewelry, but the message of love, beauty, and purpose that is associated with this necklace.