How the Ministry Works

It’s really easy

We have simply created a vehicle (the necklace) that carries a powerful message for women. When women wear the “Crowned by the King” necklace it reminds them of their beauty, their value, and their purpose in Christ. You carry this message by wearing and sharing the “Crowned By The King” necklace. We have created a simple 1-2-3 process so it’s very easy to understand and easy to get involved.

Our 3 Step Process

1. Learn

Learn all you can about the ministry by reviewing the website, watch our videos, review our blogs, and our facebook page, and see what others are saying.


2. Decide

Decide if you would like to participate in the ministry and purchase your “Crowned by the King” necklaces and a guide about the ministry.

3. Share

When you receive your necklaces, review the “Crowned By the King Ministry” guide. Then, start wearing and sharing the ministry with others.

It’s really that easy, just wear your necklace and pray for an opportunity to give it away, and share the love of Christ with someone (a mom, sister, daughter, or a complete stranger).

Once I receive my necklaces, what do I do with them?

Below are few ways you can participate in the ministry.



The Compliment

This is the most popular of the Crowned Moments. This is when someone compliments you on your “Crowned By The King” necklace and as a part of the ministry you give them your necklace and share the love of Christ with them. This does happen often, so be ready!!

The Need

This is when you know someone who may be needing some hope. It may be at a store, in a restaurant, or even at work. Give them your “Crowned by the King” necklace, share the love of God with them, and watch as God moves and their hope is restored. You may even have a scripture in mind to share with them. (Ex. Isaiah 40:31, Romans 12:12, I Corinthians 15:19 or Heb 11:1)

The Friend or Family Member

This is when you buy a necklace for someone you care about; maybe a friend, mom, or daughter. This provides a great opportunity for you to share how much they mean to you, and how much God loves them. Some women have even created a “Crowned Moment” ceremony and added personal scriptures to share. There is nothing more special than giving these necklaces to your sister, mom, or daughters to remind them of God’s love for them.

Women's Event or Retreat

This provides a great opportunity to share the ministry with a group of ladies from your Sunday School Class, Small Group, or at a women’s event or retreat. We have set up group pricing for larger orders. If you are interested in creating a “Crowned By the King Event”, please email us ( instead of ordering through our shopping cart system.

With each of the above opportunities, make sure you give them the velour bag which is included in the kit. The bag has a card attached with our website so they too can get involved in spreading the love of Christ to other women.

Product Disclaimer: This necklace is made of zinc alloy  (it is NOT sterling silver). Dis-colorization or tarnishing may occur due to weathering or oils in one’s skin. You may also try putting the crown on your favorite chain, if dis-colorization of the chain does occur. Please remember it is not about the piece of jewelry, but the message of love, beauty, and purpose that is associated with this necklace.